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Tensile strength

Methods for tensile strength measurements on textile materials

Is a method to determine the maximum force and elongation at maximum strength of textile fabric using different methods. VTC provides this test methods for all kinds of materials usually according to one of the standards EN ISO13934-1, EN ISO 13934-2 or EN ISO 1421.

The first two methods are mainly applicable to woven fabrics, including fabrics which are stretchable due to the presence of an elastomeric fibre or a mechanical or chemical treatment. The difference between Part 1 and Part 2 of EN ISO 13934 is the tensioning clamps used. EN ISO 1421 is a similar standard for coated materials.

For knits, elastic fabrics, geotextiles, non-wovens, coated fabrics, textile glass woven fabrics and fabrics made of carbon fibres or polyolefin tape yarns other standards apply on which VTC can advise you further.

What is tensile strength?

The different test methods basically measure the maximum strength and elongation at maximum strength of the test sample in dry and or wet condition. The pre-stress, elongation speed and width of the test pieces are variables within the various standards. Measurements are made in the longitudinal and transverse directions of the material to be tested. The unit of tensile strength force is expressed in N (Newton) and the elongation in % or mm.

The tensile strength, in addition to the tear strength, is an indication of the resistance of the textile material. Depending on the application and maintenance, a minimum tensile strength may be required. The tensile strength is related to the strength of the yarns used, the composition and the density of the woven material.

Special attention should be paid to the effect of applied finishes on the tensile strength. For example, a wrinkle-free finish on cotton fabrics can result in a significant decline in tensile strength compared to untreated material. The tensile strength on seams can also be determined. This is called seam strength. VTC also has various tests for this in its program.