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Colour fastness to perspiration

EN ISO 105-E04

A general requirement of a textile product is that its colour must be able to be maintained over a long period of time. Perspiration can shorten this duration. For a garment, the determination of colour fastness for sweat is important. The method EN ISO 105-E04 is intended for the determination of the influence of human sweat on the colour of dyed textile materials and is applicable to all types of textiles in all forms.


The method is carried out as follows. A sample of textile in contact with a specified supporting tissue (multifiber) is soaked in two different solutions containing synthetic human sweat (histidine). Two tests are carried out, one with alkaline sweat solution and one with acidic sweat solution. The sample is then kept under pressure at 37 °C for four hours and then dried. The change of colour and bleeding to the supporting multifiber are assessed visually. A score of 1 to 5 is given for the assessment. A score of 5 stands for no change of colour or bleeding.