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Textile testing

Our main focus in textile testing is to offer you quality at acceptable costs and a good delivery time. We can offer you all common, standardized textile testing. Think of the various physical and/or mechanical tests such as tensile and tear strength testing, colour fastness tests and comfort tests such as water vapour resistance and thermal insulation. These and many other tests are part of our standard package. In addition, we can offer you specialised laboratory testing, for example as part of a damage assessment or product development. Many of the tests are performed under accreditation (ISO 17025).

Our principles

For Vaassen Textile Consultancy the testing of textile materials and products means the right mix of routine, expertise and experience. Therefore, both from our own organisation and in collaboration with our contracted partners, we stand for:

  • A complete testing program

  • ISO 17025 accredited tests

  • Fast delivery

  • Clear reports

  • Good pricing



Special research