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Clothing and PPE tendering

The (European) procurement of clothing for government organisations requires a custom-made approach. In order to execute a successful tender it is very import to follow clear and achievable product specifications.

It is not wise to start describing earlier, successful products one-to-one. It is a question of finding the right balance between desirable, commercially feasible and legally required.

Even though the product descriptions can be found in the annexes of the descriptive document, they are the main component of the tender because they have to describe exactly what products they want to procure.

At Vaassen Textile Consultancy, we are of the opinion that the descriptive document is primarily a matter for the contracting organisation. A lot of experience has been gained by contracting organizations. However, a good product description is our job. In this area we provide tailor-made solutions. Depending on the internal knowledge and needs, we can perform a reference assessment. We then make an inventory of all (additional) wishes and requirements and finally investigate the possible consequences of the legal requirements as they arise from various Commodities Act decrees and European legislation and regulations.


International Standards

Based on the steps mentioned before, we propose you our specifications. Nothing more and nothing less than those specifications that are necessary to objectively compare a product. To describe the requirements we use internationally accepted and harmonized standards and regulations. Next to that, we also take into account the possibilities and limitations of the raw materials and intermediate products that are commercially available. Where necessary, we alert you to any problems ahead in the feasibility of your requirements and help you to come up with alternative proposals.


Our specifications guarantee a clear communication with your prospective supplier(s) and contribute to a reduction in the number of questions. During the tendering process we often contribute by objectively assess the required product properties. We answer questions such as “Is the substance or composition of the fabric as requested?” or “Is the product designed in such way that it can achieve the intended life span?” etcetera. And also, not unimportant: we can guarantee you our many years of experience and complete independence and neutrality.


Personal Protective Equipment

Not only can we help you with your clothing procurement, we also have all the knowledge and experience regarding personal protective equipment specifications. In order to pick the right PPE, it is important to carefully perform and evaluate a risk assessment. Partly based on this assessment we can specify the products.

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